While shopping and roaming the streets of China on a corporate business trip I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. J.Lee. My first encounter with Mr. Lee began with him bluntly approaching me and commenting on my 24” virgin Brazilian hair. He was impressed with the quality and condition of my extensions and referred to them as “good hair”. In further conversation Mr. Lee began to tell me about his premium virgin hair distribution company and how the number of hair companies are still growing around the nation.

After discussing some small aspects of his company, Mr. Lee went on to ask, “How much did you pay for your hair?” I boastfully told him the price, and to my surprise he laughed and said, “you women will pay any price for hair.” Slightly annoyed and offended I went on to inform him that I had received a discount on my hair. Still in laughter from my response Mr. Lee then asked my coworker and I to come with him.

After following Mr. Lee we arrived at a little building right off the market streets. When we walked thru the doors I felt like I was in weave heaven. There was enough weave in the shop to supply a stadium full of women. The weave was freshly packaged and waiting to be shipped around the world for distribution. To top things off Mr. Lee then placed an exact replica of my 24’ Brazilian hair in my hands. He explained to me that local hair stores and hair companies in the states inflate the prices of hair sometimes as much as 80%.

Upon leaving Mr. Lees shop he gave me a sample of his hair and his card and the rest is history. J.Lees’s Luscious Locs was established to provide premium quality virgin hair at affordable prices.